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Waking Up French

Purchase DVD copies of Réveil -Waking Up French and Si Je comprends bien (If I really understand) – the 1980  documentary about Quebec’s Quiet Revolution that preceded Réveil,  are available to educational institutions, libraries, and for home use.

You can also learn more at the Réveil-Waking Up French website.



You can buy DVDs Online with your Credit Card or PayPal Account or print out and mail the manual order form (pdf).


Home and Personal Use

    - Click to get Manual Order (pdf)

    - Réveil $ 30.00 (DVD)

    - Si Je comprends bien… $ 20.00 (DVD)



K - 12 Schools and Public Libraries

    - Click to get Manual Order (pdf)

    - Réveil $ 65.00 (DVD)

    - Si Je comprends bien… $ 40.00 (DVD)

    - Teacher's Guide, by Dr. Eileen M. Angelini $ 5.00



Colleges and Universities

    - Click to get Manual Order (pdf)

    - Réveil $ 200.00 (DVD)

    - Si Je comprends bien… $ 100.00 (DVD)